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Dana’s Poem for Families of Drug Addicts


Dana’s Poem for Families of Drug Addicts – Dana wrote and reads a powerful poem her family’s struggle with her son’s addiction to pain killers after an accident. It is a beautifully written and powerf…


Youth Club or Drug Rehab Centre???Which One Would You Go For???

Question by part1: Youth club or drug rehab centre???which one would you go for???
Youth Club > Drug Rehab centre?

Youth Club > Drug Rehab centre?

why would establishing a Youth Club be better than opening a Drug Rehab centre???

p.s. its opening near a school area.

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Answer by Woodworkingmenace
I would go with a Youth Club, because more youths would utilize it, then anything, and it would keep kids off the street, so that they may not get into drugs.

Rehab or Substance Abuse Program?

Question by Angel Stokes: Rehab or Substance abuse program?
I don’t know anything about either. But my husband is a felon, and on probation. He apparently has been doing stuff lately. He is being accused of stealing. Don’t know if he did, or not…

He wants rehab… He wants to be done with this. He’s done great for so long (I think peer pressure has a lot to do with it) Because he has been clean for 2 years…

I don’t know if how this will go, but it doesn’t look good. My husband truly is a good guy, he’s been taking crunchbars lately, and he doesn’t remember anything… He’s just got a bad problem.

Drug Addicts or Former Drug Addicts, Please Help.?

Question by ***: Drug addicts or former drug addicts, please help.?
My husband is picking small fights with me and our 9yr old. He’s been using cocaine on and off for 3 yrs. For the most part when he hasn’t been using he has either been locked up in a rehab or doing jail time. What I’m trying to understand is if drug users look for any excuse to use and why? What do I say to him during these situations where he acts irrational and threatens to go use? I’m almost 6 months pregnant and need a drug free environment for my family. Any suggestions on how to cope, understand, or approach this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks- Lauren

Speech Help…importance of Not Doing Drugs.?

Question by Cory D: Speech Help…importance of not doing drugs.?
Im going a speech for english. it needs to be at least 4 minutes long and i got about 2 minutes of that covered. its about the importance of not doing drugs. i have 3 main points but i need some more behind them. they’re Life in jail, life out of jail and health effects. so whats all this like and how does it affect you is what im asking.

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What Are the Stats for Drug and Alcohol Recovery? How Many Users Actually Stop?

Question by Rose: what are the stats for drug and alcohol recovery? How many users actually stop?
This question applies to addicts. How many drug addicts and alcoholics actually kick their habits? Let’s say 20 people go into treatment, how many of those 20 will get clean for a significant amount of time: 5 years or more?

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Answer by Who Am I
Unfortunately the number is pretty low. Out of 20 I would say maybe 4-5, if that.

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