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High Schools, Places to Live, Places to Be in Portland Oregon?

Question by Morgen Moung: High schools, places to live, places to be in Portland Oregon?
I’m moving from Alaska to Portland and it will be my senior year. I like my weed and I like my social life. I’m not into super weird people but I like people with personality. Where is the best place to go to high school for a chill atmosphere and attractive people, where’s the best place to live or at least a break down of what parts of the city are what. I’m an only child and I’m not trying to spend my senior year at home alone!(:

What Are the Diferent NGO’s in the Philippines?

Question by Rhai T: What are the diferent NGO’s in the Philippines?

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Answer by sneekz206

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A Teacher’s Perspective | Probing Prescription Drug Abuse | KET – A Rockcastle County educator, whose own son succumbed to drug addiction and then recovered, highlights the work of the UNITE club at Rockcastle High School t…


My Mom’s a Drug Addict?

Question by Allie: My mom’s a drug addict?
So my mom was a good mom when i was very young, she was stable. She met my step dad who is like a father to me but he has issues of his own. He was always into drugs, so my mom is now to… my mom has a severe problem with opiates, and sleeping pills, every day she come’s home from work her eyes are all dilated and she’s so out of it she falls asleep standing up. It’s actually very annoying. My dad smoke’s a lot of MJ, but he is the same way just more controlled i guess. We move everywhere, I’m only 17. And I’ve lived in Ohio, Florida, Utah, it’s been an adventure but not a fun one. Switching high schools more than 6 time’s is very hard. My parents, mom and step dad, split for a couple of month’s so my mom became a raging alcoholic she has seizures always had since she was little. So it made life very hard, she was in and out of the hospital, tried to commit suicide couple of time’s in front of little sister. So they put her in a mental institute, she left within two days and still kept drinking. She has slowed down now but take’s pills at same time. She is just a mess i love her more than anything but don’t think there’s anyway to help someone who doesn’t want to help themselve’s. Help please!

WATCH : Zac Efron ‘Checked Into Rehab Twice’ for Alleged Cocaine Addiction


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Parent Discussion on Drug Abuse and Addiction With Dr. Volkow NIDA


Parent discussion on drug abuse and addiction with Dr. Volkow NIDA – Parent discussion on drug abuse and addiction with Dr. Volkow NIDA Dr. Volkow has an open discussion with Harlem High School students on drug abuse and addic…


What Is the Definition of Substance Abuse Addiction?

Question by jmh854: what is the definition of substance abuse addiction?

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Answer by Mr. Taco
If your substance abuse has a negative impact on your life in any way and you still do it, it’s an addiction.

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