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Can Physical Therapy Assistants Work in Drug Rehab Centers?

Question by April: Can Physical Therapy assistants work in drug rehab centers?
I’m becoming a physical therapy assistant and wanted to know 🙂
My mom did drugs when i was little and i want to know if by choosing this career path if I can help others- even if i couldnt help her.

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Answer by mistify
This would not be a usual setting for a PT or a PTA. Chemical dependency rehabilitation and physical rehabilitation are two entirely different entities.

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Are the Drug Rehabilitation Centers Here in Arlington, Texas Good?

Question by carli h: Are the drug rehabilitation centers here in Arlington, Texas good?
My best friend is addicted to heroin. He thought I didn’t know, but actually I have already known two years ago. I want to help him get better.

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Answer by ashlynn b
You are lucky because there are great drug treatment centers in Arlington. You can search on the web for their exact locations and contact details. You may also use the link I included below. You can find drug rehabs and additional information about drug addiction in those sites.

How Many College Applicants Can Say This?

Question by : How many college applicants can say this?
“I found solace in volunteering at a drug rehabilitation center every weekend. I found solace in perhaps making a difference in the lives of those addicted to drugs and alcohol, a difference that, to my dismay, I never seemed to be able to make in my mother’s life.” My mother has a sixth grade education and has been addicted to crack cocaine and alcohol for over 25 years. She has done a lot just to fulfill her addiction.

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Answer by Goose63095
More than you think.

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