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Youth Club or Drug Rehab Centre???Which One Would You Go For???

Question by part1: Youth club or drug rehab centre???which one would you go for???
Youth Club > Drug Rehab centre?

Youth Club > Drug Rehab centre?

why would establishing a Youth Club be better than opening a Drug Rehab centre???

p.s. its opening near a school area.

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Answer by Woodworkingmenace
I would go with a Youth Club, because more youths would utilize it, then anything, and it would keep kids off the street, so that they may not get into drugs.

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What Is Drug Rehab and Its Treatment?

Question by : What is drug rehab and its treatment?
Hello everyone!
I just want to know more regarding drug rehab and how to cure…. Please help me..


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Can You Force Someone Into Drug Rehab?

Question by Allison: Can you force someone into drug rehab?
The person is my father, I am over eighteen years old, Kentucky.
What steps could I take?
Any additional information would be helpful.

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Answer by Inda Cloud
It won’t do a bit of good. He has to hit his bottom – and for most this can take several times to do before he’s ready to do anything about his addiction.

*You* cannot do it for him.

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If you have a Part D plan, use the Medicare Plan Finder tool at to compare your plan's total drug costs against other plans to be sure you're getting the best coverage. The Alzheimer's Association offers … three-day inpatient …
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