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Question by runeknight94: DANGERS OF DRUG ABUSE?
i am trying to write a report well more like i have to write a report on the dangers of drug abuse and there are some topics they want me to cover like

The Physical and Emotional Affects of Drug Addiction

Historical and current rehabilitation practices.

Both legal and illegal drugs

and i couldn’t find any websites that could help me or that i thought would help me and i was wondering if you could post some websites that might help. or if you could tell me some stuff about the topics ? oh and if some ones does it for me they will get 5/5 best answer lol na not really thanks
Oh this is for a 500 word report just to let yall no 🙂

I Have a Drug Problem and Need to Find a Rehab That Offers Free Help or Financial Support, Please Help.?

Question by Candy S: I have a drug problem and need to find a rehab that offers free help or financial support, please help.?
I have been addicted to prescription painkillers since I was 17 years old. I am now 24. I can’t afford those expensive rehabilitation centers but I am absolutely desperate for help. I can’t quit on my own and my addiction is controlling my life. I want to get my life back on track so if anyone knows of any place (preferably in Kentucky or close by) that offers a program that lasts at least a couple of months and financial support or small payments please let me know. You don’t know how much it would be appreciated. Thanks.

History of Drug/alcohol Abuse Runs in My Family…and Im Scared I Have a Growing Drug Problem.?

Question by dearlife18: history of drug/alcohol abuse runs in my family…and im scared i have a growing drug problem.?
but i don’t’ know if its just me over thinking it…or if i really do. iv purchased cocaine once, done weed countless times, triple c’s countless times, and I’m just constantly thinking of new ways to get high, and trying my hardest to get stuff. i think about doing drugs almost all the time. iv overdosed from triple c’s twice…and both times while i was at school. and i still continue to do them. my friends are scared for me, and idk if its fear i have an addiction…or what it is. it seems my day revolves around drugs though, and any time i get any sort of stress..drugs are the first thing that comes to mind.

Help for Violent Teen With Drug Abuse Issues?

Question by Jamie M: Help for violent teen with drug abuse issues?
What kind of help is there for a teen who has major violence issues along with a drug problem? He has threatened my mom and dad (he lives with grandparents, both parents passed away) with violence (killing, beating). He refuses any type of therapy or rehab and they are concerned he will retaliate if they take him someplace. Is there a place that will force him to go through therapy and keep him “locked up” per se? My parents are scared for their lives but they want desperately to help him. They have contacted police and such but were told that because he is underage (almost 17) there is nothing they can do. I don’t understand why there isn’t more help out there for people going through situations like this. We are lost as to what to do. Any suggestions?

Rodrigo Canales: The Deadly Genius of Drug Cartels


Rodrigo Canales: The deadly genius of drug cartels – Up to 100000 people died in drug-related violence in Mexico in the last 6 years. We might think this has nothing to do with us, but in fact we are all compl…


Fort Bend Community Prevention Coalition supports the “Talk. They Hear You

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Sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), the underage drinking prevention campaign helps parents and caregivers start talking to their children – particularly ages 9 to 15 – about the dangers of alcohol …
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Legal Injection Drug Problems Stymie Ohio and Missouri


Legal injection drug problems stymie Ohio and Missouri