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Are There Any Addiction Treatment Programs Offered in St. Clair Shores, Michigan?

Question by mickey: Are there any addiction treatment programs offered in St. Clair Shores, Michigan?
My brother Pete has a problem with crystal meth. He first tried it when he was 17. He was at a party then at a friend’s house and his friend Jack asked him to try it. He was reluctant at first but he finally gave in due to peer pressure. Pete liked it and he got addicted to it. I found out about his addiction a few months ago. I had my suspicions but I never really confronted him about it. Last night, he came up to me and he asked for my help. He said that he wanted to change and that he wanted to put a stop into his addiction because he finally realized that he’s hurting so many people just because of his addiction. Please help me find a list of different addiction treatment programs here in St. Clair Shores, Michigan for my brother. Thank you.

New Jersey Drug Addiction Treatment Center


New Jersey Drug Addiction Treatment Center


Former Franklin Vice Principal Sentenced For Selling Drugs From Bound Brook

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John Norton, 33, of Palisades Park, pleaded guilty to drug offenses in January in exchange for a probationary term in the drug court program, which includes regular court appearances, drug treatment, frequent and random drug testing, according to nj.com.
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New Jersey Herald – AP News in Brief at 10:58 pm EDT

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Random Drug Screening Montgomery Pa?

Question by Frank H: Random drug screening montgomery pa?
Last tuesday I plead guilty to a dui for cocaine in montgomery county. The incident took place last october. I attended an in patient rehab and havent done cocaine since. However, I have smoked marijuana. Thursday I received a letter from Montgomery County Adult Probation to inform me of a “change in judicial policy” and that the board of judges has directed the department to randomly drug test individuals currently on probation. I received a card with a number to call with a number to refer to. My number was instructed to report to the Montgomery County Adult Probation Center to submit a urine test. I do not live in Montgomery County and was told by the Public Defenders Office and The Probation clerk that I would not have to travel there for drug tests or meeting with a probation officer. What I would like to know is if this is common, was I given the legal amount of time required to take a drug test, will this violation require me to go to jail?

Impact of Drug Abuse?

Question by pyro229: impact of Drug abuse?
Can someone please help me with this?

Describe the impact of this type of risk behavior on quality of life by making reference to the different spheres of life – physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, social and ethical.

and also… provide advice on how to say ‘NO’ to this type of risk behavior and practice- examples of relevant situations should be used as basis of the advice

Need it urgently!!
Can you please tell me the effects on the quality of life as well as the advice

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Drug Rehab Programs in Hamilton NJ | Call 800-281-9728 for HELP


Drug Rehab Programs in Hamilton NJ | Call 800-281-9728 For HELP – Drug Rehab Programs in Hamilton NJ – Call 800-281-9728 For HELP Do you know that drug addiction can put your life at risk. To prevent that from happening, se…


Chronicle AM — March 24, 2014

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Medical marijuana dominates the drug policy news today, plus a legalization bill is filed in New Jersey, welfare drug testing advances in a pair of states, the Russians halt anti-drug cooperation with the US, and more. Let's get to it: Cannabis oil is …
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Drug Test for Possesion Ocean City MD? on Court Date?

Question by PETE: Drug test for possesion Ocean city MD? on court date?
Me and my friend got arrested fo smokin 2 j’s on the street. Pretty stupid but shit happens. My friend already got an underage because he chugs dick but this is my first real offense. Are we going to get drug tested on our court date? or are we going to ever get drug tested. i called my lawyer and he said the worstthat can happen are fines and probation but we dont no if we get tested too. This is in maryland and we are from pa. We are over 18 and im going on that program to get expunged.