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Question by runeknight94: DANGERS OF DRUG ABUSE?
i am trying to write a report well more like i have to write a report on the dangers of drug abuse and there are some topics they want me to cover like

The Physical and Emotional Affects of Drug Addiction

Historical and current rehabilitation practices.

Both legal and illegal drugs

and i couldn’t find any websites that could help me or that i thought would help me and i was wondering if you could post some websites that might help. or if you could tell me some stuff about the topics ? oh and if some ones does it for me they will get 5/5 best answer lol na not really thanks
Oh this is for a 500 word report just to let yall no 🙂

Dream About Drug Addiction?

Question by : dream about drug addiction?
I’ve been trying to recover from simultaneous adderall and xanax addictions over the past month, and I’ve been feeling withdrawals really hard. I had a dream last night that kinda scared me. I think its about being at war with myself trying to win, but i want to keep it open to other opinions.

Treatment for Substance Abuse


Treatment for Substance Abuse – Learn about treatment for substance abuse. National Institute of Drug Addiction. Drug Abuse: Meeting the Challenge. NTIS A17166VNB1, 1987. Causes, treatment …


Crippling Drug Addiction Makes Girl Steal From Mom


Crippling Drug Addiction Makes Girl Steal From Mom – My friend Ashley is a bright and positive person. I bring her down to my level by asking her dark questions. Click out the video we made on Ashley’s channel:…


Clomid Drugs?

Question by logirl: Clomid drugs?
I have been trying to conceive for more than 20 months, i wnt to try clomid without going to Hospital or hearing from my doctor, please wht is the implications

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Answer by lynnguys
You should only be taking fertility drugs under the guidance of a physician. The only implications that I know of are the side effects and the high incidence of multiple births. I would think that any misuse of fertility drugs could dangerous (just look at the warning label on most birth control pills!). I have a friend that had triplets after only one cycle of Clomid. Be wise and see your doctor!

16×9 – Cold Reality of Canada’s Northern Communities


16×9 – Cold Reality of Canada’s northern communities – Poverty, soaring crime rates, crippling drug addiction – that’s the cold reality in some of Canada’s Northern communities. Sean Mallen has this shocking 16:9…