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Are There Any Addiction Treatment Programs Offered in St. Clair Shores, Michigan?

Question by mickey: Are there any addiction treatment programs offered in St. Clair Shores, Michigan?
My brother Pete has a problem with crystal meth. He first tried it when he was 17. He was at a party then at a friend’s house and his friend Jack asked him to try it. He was reluctant at first but he finally gave in due to peer pressure. Pete liked it and he got addicted to it. I found out about his addiction a few months ago. I had my suspicions but I never really confronted him about it. Last night, he came up to me and he asked for my help. He said that he wanted to change and that he wanted to put a stop into his addiction because he finally realized that he’s hurting so many people just because of his addiction. Please help me find a list of different addiction treatment programs here in St. Clair Shores, Michigan for my brother. Thank you.

Started With a DUI, Failed Drug Test Once With Alcohol, Then Again for Cocaine 2 Violations of Probation…?

Question by ;lkajsl;kjfdkjd: Started with a DUI, failed drug test once with alcohol, then again for cocaine 2 violations of probation…?
My girlfriend got a DUI in Georgia about a year ago and is still on probation. She failed her first drug test for alcohol (which she thought would be acceptable. she is 22!!). Court ordered that she goes to 90 AA meetings (so far shes gotten 4-5 meetings/week) and get drug tested each week… Last week we found out she failed a test for cocaine (not a normal user) and has now been in jail for 6 days now. Her court is in 3 more days and I have arranged for a court appointed lawyer (no $ for expensive one!!) What kind of penalty should we expect for this? Please, someone with experience in violation of probation cases…
Is she looking at jail time, boot camp, house arrest, or rehab?? and how long will it be?
I know she makes stupid choices. You and I both do also… Please do not tell me to break up with someone I’m in love with because Its not going to happen. I want a serious answer please.
Well I figured I’d contribute a real life answer to anyone who researches this question… She had a court appearance today. The judge revoked her probation totaling a year and a half left (if she stays the entire sentence she will probably get this time cut in half or serve around 9 or 10 months). She is up for review in 30 days after getting a drug evaluation at the jail (so they can learn her problems, i guess). Hopefully in 30 days they will make her go to rehab for a few months or something that will help her learn how to handle her life instead of spending time in jail. And by the way… You are not eligible for a court appointed lawyer in the state of Georgia when you violate probation on a technical status like hers (drug test), you have to actually get arrested and add a new charge to violate your probation to receive a court appointed lawyer. Its like she may have been better off getting caught with cocaine on her person when she was arrested…Hope this helps someone!

Rehab or Substance Abuse Program?

Question by Angel Stokes: Rehab or Substance abuse program?
I don’t know anything about either. But my husband is a felon, and on probation. He apparently has been doing stuff lately. He is being accused of stealing. Don’t know if he did, or not…

He wants rehab… He wants to be done with this. He’s done great for so long (I think peer pressure has a lot to do with it) Because he has been clean for 2 years…

I don’t know if how this will go, but it doesn’t look good. My husband truly is a good guy, he’s been taking crunchbars lately, and he doesn’t remember anything… He’s just got a bad problem.

New Jersey Drug Addiction Treatment Center


New Jersey Drug Addiction Treatment Center


Former Franklin Vice Principal Sentenced For Selling Drugs From Bound Brook

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John Norton, 33, of Palisades Park, pleaded guilty to drug offenses in January in exchange for a probationary term in the drug court program, which includes regular court appearances, drug treatment, frequent and random drug testing, according to nj.com.
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New Jersey Herald – AP News in Brief at 10:58 pm EDT

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Can You Voluntarily Take a Drug Test in Washington State?

Question by sweetsobersacrifice: Can you voluntarily take a drug test in Washington state?
My boyfriend has a history of drug addiction and though he says he’s quit I think he’s still using. I want to know if it’s possible to volunteer to take some sort of drug test, or if it has to be court-ordered or something. Thanks in advance for answers

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Answer by Hannah M
You can buy drug screening kits at Walgreens

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Do Texas Hospitals Have the Right to Drug Test Newborn Babies?

Question by lroble27: Do texas hospitals have the right to drug test newborn babies?

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Answer by Professor Beatz
Is it mandated by state law, or is it the decision of the hospitals that they will only consent to grant medical care if the person be willing to undergo any test deemed necessary by the healthcare provider?

Edit: Good God! I can’t believe the Supreme Court hasn’t thrown that out–it’s a clear violation of the Fourth amendment!!! I guess the “right of privacy” only exists when it’s consistent with the agenda of the welfare state.