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Stopping Heroin or Cocaine Addiction?

Question by Denver: stopping heroin or cocaine addiction?
I have come up with a novel idea. Would it not be a good idea to put heroin or cocaine addicts in an induced coma for one or two weeks? when they wake up the sickness would be gone!

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WATCH : Zac Efron ‘Checked Into Rehab Twice’ for Alleged Cocaine Addiction


WATCH : Zac Efron ‘Checked Into Rehab Twice’ For Alleged Cocaine Addiction – Earlier this week, reports emerged that the former High School Musical star had completed a stint in a facility due to alcohol issues. However, it was then c…


Cocain Addiction Intervention That Helps – 1-855-885-8651


cocain addiction intervention that helps – 1-855-885-8651 – Are you or a Loved one Continuallystruggle with Cocaine Addiction, we can provide help with addiction inpatient treatment. Cocaine Abuse hurts the entire Fam…



Question by Karen R: Addictions?
I have had problems with addictions my entire life. I have heard you can switch addictions…..has anyone ever done that on purpose? If so, how?

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Answer by David
I have ADD and a very addictive personality. In high school I was addicted to cocaine, now in college I’m addicted to cigarettes. I also take Adderall, which is surely addictive, and I think it has helped in some ways to “replace” my cocaine addiction. I’m a drinker and smoke pot too, but these are social activities and I have no problem stopping myself with them if I want to.

Overcoming a Cocaine Addiction That Helps – 1-855-885-8651


overcoming a cocaine addiction that helps – 1-855-885-8651 – Are you or a Family member Continually struggle with Cocaine Addiction, we can provide help with addiction inpatient treatment. Cocaine Abuse hurts the Whole…


Anti-drug events planned at Naperville North

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A second-round NBA draft pick, he played for the Denver Nuggets, the Boston Celtics, and several teams in Europe and Asia even as he developed a drug habit that began with cocaine and moved on to Oxycontin, then heroin. “Basketball Junkie,” his 2011 …
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Can a Teacher Be Fired for Asking a Student Where or How to Purchase Cocaine?

Question by mean_ugly_chick: Can a teacher be fired for asking a student where or how to purchase cocaine?
A teacher I work with checked herself into a drug treatment center to get help for cocaine addiction. While she was out on a medical leave, a student stepped forward and admitted that the teacher came to her and asked if she knew where or how she could get her hands on some cocaine. Unfortunately, I know this to be true because the teacher herself told me about her cocaine problem and that she had solicited drugs from that student. From what I am told, it is illegal to fire a person for having a substance abuse problem if they seek help on their own. However, I would like to know if asking a student changes that. I like this co-worker and I am glad she is seeking help, but I am very upset with her for involving a student. Furthermore, I am upset that our school and the teachers’ union are protecting her. Can the union keep her from getting fired?