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Recovering Drug Addicts, Answer.?

Question by : recovering drug addicts, answer.?
I recently started talking to a boy i graduated with. We never were friends, but had tons of mutual friends, and we always said hello and were friendly when we did see eachother. He always seemed really nice. So, he started to talk to me on facebook. We realized how much we had in common, and we met up in town to go to the store and such together, and we clicked. this was only about 3 days after we started talking. He then told me right off the bat, that he is recovering from major drug addictions, and that if i didnt want to be involved with a person like himself, he would understand if i just stopped talking to him. i decided not to stop. He has told me he is a “horrible person” and when i asked why he said “tons of reasons”. i told him to make a list. and he did. he was very hesitant to read it, but he did. he told me things he hasnt told other people, and he HAD done some horrible things. but, he ISNT a bad person, i FEEL it, and i am totally falling for him. he said he promises he will never intentionally hurt me, and he is doing everything in his power to change who he once was. when we are in public together, he is such a gentleman, not just to me, but to everyone, and i love it. i can tell he is not using me, he hasnt asked for anything. my only worry is, how frequent is a relapse? how hard is it to overcome? he has been to rehab 3 times (we are 20 years old) and this time is apparently the longest he’s been clean. he told me in complete confidence that i am completing him, and i make his life easier to live just by being here. and he really does seem like he means it. what are the chances of me getting hurt if i continue to see him? (i have never done drugs, have never had an addiction.) i know that urge is stronger than the urge to keep me happy, but do you think if he really cares, he can stay clean for me?

What Are Some Questions That a Substance Abuse Medical Doctor?

Question by ohmygoshjessica: What are some questions that a substance abuse medical doctor?
I am interviewing a medical doctor who specializes in drug abuse about the role genetics plays in one’s choice to use substances. I need to come up with questions relating to the drug use/genetics relationship..

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Drug Addiction Help…?

Question by Brian: Drug Addiction Help…?
My girlfriend is on Meth. I am trying my hardest to understand and comply with it. When I try to intervene and confront her, it becomes nothing but violent and pointless it seems like. She has been on it for approx 3 years now, and I had met her about a year ago. This is someone i really do care about because if i know how she is when she is not on it. I have seen her not on it and that is the person i feel in love with. She is very paranoid, and very insecure. She likes to say her friends are hers and not for me to meet, and everything just seems to be going downhill. How do I confront her and talk to her, or better yet, help her. Anytime i try to talk to her, it seems like she doesnt listen or just walks out on me. I do i get her to actually sit down and listen? This is a very serious issue i am having to deal with in a loved one. Someone please help me with some advice.
Rehab unfortunately is not an option right at the moment. I cant afford it and no health insurance does not help.

In Ohio, What Can You Do if You’re Depressed and Can’t Afford Treatment?

Question by Fred: In Ohio, What can you do if you’re depressed and can’t afford treatment?
I feel like I’m hanging on by a thread. I had a nervous breakdown on my kids yesterday morning (which I hate myself for). I need help but I don’t have any $ $ for meds or threapists.

My spouse and I work opposite schedules. I need help.

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Helath Classwork Help!!? Drug Abuse?

Question by Lulu: Helath classwork help!!? Drug Abuse?
10. If there are risk factors present in a teen’s life, they will most likely use drugs. true or false
11. The human immunodeficiency virus causes the typically fatal disease AIDS. true or false
14. Addiction is the compulsive use of a drug, no matter the cost to health, family, or social standing. true or false
15. The person needs to first acknowledge that they have a drug problem before they can ever be helped. true or false
16. A ___________ is a condition that occurs when one’s drug’s effect is canceled out or reduced by another.
a. drug synergism
b. drug antagonism
17. The symptoms of withdrawal are the body’s response to not having the drug. true or false
18. A baby is not put at risk for a wide range of developmental problems when a pregnant woman abuses drugs. true or false
19. Therapeutic community is a residential treatment center where former drug abusers live together and learn to adjust to drug-free lives. true or false
20. Protective personal factors include a commitment to success in academics and extracurricular activates, and a personal belief that drug abuse is not acceptable. true or false

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