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Are There Any Addiction Treatment Programs Offered in St. Clair Shores, Michigan?

Question by mickey: Are there any addiction treatment programs offered in St. Clair Shores, Michigan?
My brother Pete has a problem with crystal meth. He first tried it when he was 17. He was at a party then at a friend’s house and his friend Jack asked him to try it. He was reluctant at first but he finally gave in due to peer pressure. Pete liked it and he got addicted to it. I found out about his addiction a few months ago. I had my suspicions but I never really confronted him about it. Last night, he came up to me and he asked for my help. He said that he wanted to change and that he wanted to put a stop into his addiction because he finally realized that he’s hurting so many people just because of his addiction. Please help me find a list of different addiction treatment programs here in St. Clair Shores, Michigan for my brother. Thank you.

Wat Is a Help Line and Can Anyone Give the No for It?

Question by caro: wat is a help line and can anyone give the no for it?

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Answer by squid
Kids Help Line – 1800 55 1800
Kids Help Line is a free and confidential, telephone counselling service for 5 to 18 year olds in Australia. The Kids Help Line web site consists of … – 12k – Cached – Similar pages

Welcome to Kids Help Phone
Provides help to children in Canada on a variety of issues, such as relationships, school, bullying, suicide, and abuse. – 8k – Cached – Similar pages

What Are the Different Kinds of Drug Treatment Programs?

Question by dolores df: What are the different kinds of drug treatment programs?
I would just like to know what they’re called. Just out of curiosity, that is.

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Answer by blair *
Well, it really depends upon the drug rehab or treatment center. I guess you’d have to contact them to know what kind of program they are offering. To appease your curiosity, though, here are some kinds of treatment programs: Narcotic Antagonist Treatment Using Naltrexone, Agonist Maintenance Treatments, Short-Term Residential Programs, Outpatient Drug-Free Treatment, Long-Term Residential Treatment, Medical Detoxification and Treating Criminal Justice-Involved Drug Abusers and Addicts.

“The Prescription Drug Epidemic”A Coalitions Story, Documentary Trailer


“The Prescription Drug Epidemic”A Coalitions Story, documentary trailer – Appalachian Substance Abuse Coalition’s documentary trailer: “Prescription Drug Epidemic” A Coalitions Journey”. ASAC began in 2001 as a community response t…


Community Services for Nov. 24

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CHRISTIAN MEN'S PRAYER BREAKFAST of Gadsden Regional Medical Center meets the first Thursday of each month beginning at 7 a.m. Contact Jack Campbell at 256-547-7830 for more information. NEW BEACON HOSPICE has a program for veterans …
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Drug Rehab California


Drug Rehab California – -Our trained therapists are highly experienced in providing psychotherapeutic care which is essential for complete reh…


Notes from the Senate

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Instead of sending them to state prison, the judge has additional sentencing options including community service, probation detention centers, substance abuse programs, and more. The recently passed HB 349, gives … The State of Georgia currently uses …
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A Forever Recovery Examines Physical, Mental and Emotional Effects of Vicodin

Formal 03/19/13 Session – Norfolk City Council


Formal 03/19/13 Session – Norfolk City Council – 02:40 Ceremony – Lake Taylor Women’s Basketball 17:10 Consent agenda 17:25 R-1 A Cost Sharing Agreement with the Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of Tran…


Singer Chris Brown ordered by Los Angeles judge into 90 days of rehab

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In addition to the latest order for rehab, Brown will have to serve at least 24 hours of community service a week, submit to periodic drug testing and take prescribed medication, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James Brandlin ordered. The singer …
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