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Rehabilitation Statistics?

Question by : rehabilitation statistics?
I would like to know if there are any statistics out there that show how effective rehab is at rehabilitating drug abusers. sources would be nice

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Need a Suggestion on a Movie About Drug Abusers?

Question by Nandy Joe: Need a suggestion on a movie about drug abusers?
Well, I’m a writer (that kind of explains my non-sense questions), and I need suggestions for a movie which retracts the reality of a drug addict. I need it to be REALLY explicit, since I don’t know any addicted, because I’m gonna have to base my descriptions of drug abuse and the addicts life on scenes I catch from movies and books I read. Of Course I’m trying to visit some rehab center to gain information and stuff, but I find it hard to believe they’re gonna let me see what I want. Thanks already! hmm, I will choose a best answer!
– I mean HARD DRUGS, not alcohol

Questions About Consequences of Drug Abuse?

Question by rems_ed p: questions about consequences of drug abuse?
Hi, I’m doing a research on drug addiction and here are several questions i have in mind. please take your time in answering them. thank you.

1) When drug abusers who are highly addicted to illegal substances do an immediate stop (No rehabilitation or anything, they just completely stop the habit by themselves though their body still wants it), are there any chances of death? coma? or anything that could put you to sleep for a very long time. If so, then how long?

Helath Classwork Help!!? Drug Abuse?

Question by Lulu: Helath classwork help!!? Drug Abuse?
10. If there are risk factors present in a teen’s life, they will most likely use drugs. true or false
11. The human immunodeficiency virus causes the typically fatal disease AIDS. true or false
14. Addiction is the compulsive use of a drug, no matter the cost to health, family, or social standing. true or false
15. The person needs to first acknowledge that they have a drug problem before they can ever be helped. true or false
16. A ___________ is a condition that occurs when one’s drug’s effect is canceled out or reduced by another.
a. drug synergism
b. drug antagonism
17. The symptoms of withdrawal are the body’s response to not having the drug. true or false
18. A baby is not put at risk for a wide range of developmental problems when a pregnant woman abuses drugs. true or false
19. Therapeutic community is a residential treatment center where former drug abusers live together and learn to adjust to drug-free lives. true or false
20. Protective personal factors include a commitment to success in academics and extracurricular activates, and a personal belief that drug abuse is not acceptable. true or false

Statistics on Prescription Drug Abuse in the State of West Virginia?

Question by americanidiot1810: Statistics on prescription drug abuse in the state of west virginia?

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Statistics of How Many Have a Drug Addictions in America?

Question by : statistics of how many have a drug addictions in america?
statistics of how many have a drug addictions in america ?

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