I Have a Drug Problem and Need to Find a Rehab That Offers Free Help or Financial Support, Please Help.?

Question by Candy S: I have a drug problem and need to find a rehab that offers free help or financial support, please help.?
I have been addicted to prescription painkillers since I was 17 years old. I am now 24. I can’t afford those expensive rehabilitation centers but I am absolutely desperate for help. I can’t quit on my own and my addiction is controlling my life. I want to get my life back on track so if anyone knows of any place (preferably in Kentucky or close by) that offers a program that lasts at least a couple of months and financial support or small payments please let me know. You don’t know how much it would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Answer by Iggy Schnauzers Demon Arabians
Contact your doctor, they will be discrete and will refer you to a good one.

good luck and god bless……

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  • FrenchCanuck says:

    your boyfriend Aaron can’t support you ? just curious… also, codeine and morphine can constipate quite a lot, how can you live like this… ?

    not really an answer sorry..

  • wendy c says:

    call a health department and ask questions,there is bound to be somebody there that would know how to help you or put you on the right track to some body that would know,, hang in there and dont get discouraged

  • Evil D says:

    Damn i have been hooked on morphine pills since i 20. Sorry to hear, im sure someone will put up something for you. I cant help you i am kinda in the same boat, only difference is i am not looking for the shore.

  • Abdul Mootack says:

    Congratulations! You have achieved the biggest step in getting rid of your addiction- realizing it, admitting to it, and wanting to do something about it. This takes the biggest courage. The rest will come together as long as you stick to your plan. Unfortunately, I don’t know of any places in the US since I live in Canada but I wish you good luck.

  • Laurie C says:

    Call your local distress centre and they should be able to get u in touch with a Rehab Centre right away. There may be a little wait, but trust me, it’s worth it. Also, go to your nearest hospital and see if they can help in the interm. Good Luck and my your God (or whatever) be with you. Check out this link: http://ca.search.yahoo.com/search;_ylt=A0oGkur.PgBI10EAf9TqFAx.?p=kentucky+rehab+centres&ei=UTF-8&iscqry=&fr=ks-ans&fr2=sfp

  • Don A says:

    Hard question I was also in your postion 10 years ago I don’t know of any rehabs in Kentucky but you can look up Narcotics Anonymous and attend meetings near you look for meetings at http://www.na.org. Hope you find peace before addiction leads you to the point of no return.
    Here are phone numbers for Kentucky.
    270 Hopkinsville 885-0732
    502 Louisville 499-4423
    606 Hazard/Maytown 888.987-7700
    Good Luck to you

  • randall_nd says:

    All states have social service centers that are state run and offer help at reduced rates, in most cases, 100% discount.

  • Chris Akridge says:

    Hey, my commenting ability is back.?

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