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Is Alcohol a Drug?


Is Alcohol a Drug? – In this video, Bobby Wiggins, Narconon Drug Prevention Specialist, explains concisely why is alcohol a drug. The question is: Alcohol isn’t a drug, true or f…


Drug Abuse Resistance Education?

Question by : Drug Abuse Resistance Education?
Which of the following is true of the D.A.R.E. program?
A. It is a program aimed at reducing teen pregnancy.
B. It is widely used, but has not been proven effective.
C. It is a drug prevention program for high school students.
D. It is a social work sponsored program focused on gang prevention.

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Ashland Substance Abuse Prevention kids (ASAP) – BoS meeting 6-5-13 – Ashland kids make anti-drug presentation to Board of Selectmen.

Drug Prevention: Oregon Partnership- Promotional Video


Drug Prevention: Oregon Partnership- Promotional Video – Oregon Partnership is a statewide non-profit promoting healthy kids and communities through drug and alcohol awareness, prevention programs, and 24 hour cris…


Foods For Thought: An Insight Into Special Diets

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These diets all emphasize whole foods which are low on the glycemic index and high in good fats. There is good evidence that these diets present a potent way to help many children with autism and other conditions. Regardless, we need to always remember …
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12-Step Alcohol Christian Treatment Center in Florida Reaches Out to Those in Yonkers, New York


12-step alcohol Christian treatment Center in Florida Reaches Out to Those in Yonkers, New York – http://transformationstreatment.com/ We are a faith base treatment center that cares for any addicts that comes seeking help and in need of treatment. We have treatment for alcohol, drugs…


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Partners with Icahn School of Medicine at

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The work that we'll carry out at the Institute – from basic research to developing medical technology and devising effective treatments – will ultimately go a long way toward helping improve patient outcomes and the quality of life for people in New …
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Weight Loss Surgery at Good Samaritan – Part 3


Weight Loss Surgery at Good Samaritan – Part 3 – Video date: Feb 23, 2010 Dr. George Kerlakian from the Good Samaritan Weight Management Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, discusses success through weight loss sur…


Varsity Letter Club to Honor Six Former Pitt Letterwinners at Friday Awards Dinner

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The award ceremony honors varsity letterwinners who have distinguished themselves in their professions and communities and who, by their accomplishments, have enhanced the value of Pitt's intercollegiate athletic programs. To be eligible, a …. Also …
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Mangano Advances Initiatives to Address Prescription Drug Abuse


Mangano Advances Initiatives To Address Prescription Drug Abuse – Following a nearly year-long study on the impact of prescription drug abuse in Nassau, County Executive Edward P. Mangano today accepted the Nassau County Pr…


North Adams Vigil Brings Drug Prevention Groups Together

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Daunis said the prescription drug and heroin group has been developing informational brochures, advocating for treatment centers and seeking to educate people about the dangers of prescription drugs and opiods. It includes educating parents about the …
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