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Are There Drug Rehabs in Cotati, California That Will Take Dual Diagnosis Patients as Well?

Question by cassie f: Are there drug rehabs in Cotati, California that will take dual diagnosis patients as well?
My sister has been suffering from depression and now she’s gotten herself dependent on heroin too. Our parents are away, and I want to get her treated because I don’t think it would be good to let this go on any longer than it already has. Does any one know of drug rehabs that have programs for people with depression as well as addiction?

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Are the Drug Rehabilitation Centers Here in Arlington, Texas Good?

Question by carli h: Are the drug rehabilitation centers here in Arlington, Texas good?
My best friend is addicted to heroin. He thought I didn’t know, but actually I have already known two years ago. I want to help him get better.

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Answer by ashlynn b
You are lucky because there are great drug treatment centers in Arlington. You can search on the web for their exact locations and contact details. You may also use the link I included below. You can find drug rehabs and additional information about drug addiction in those sites.

Is There a Drug Rehab Center in Bloomington, California?

Question by greg: Is there a drug rehab center in Bloomington, California?
My uncle Randy told me that he plans to enter a drug rehabilition center. He said that he wants to get over with his heroin addiction. I know that it is such a good idea and he wants me to accompany him. He said that he needs my support now more than ever. I think he really wants to start anew. Now, we have to find a drug rehab center in Bloomington. Anybody knows of a drug rehab in Bloomington?

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Why Do I Need Drug Rehab?

Question by Jessie J: Why do I need drug rehab?
I have been a drug user for a year and I haven’t told anyone about it. And if I do decide to get myself into a drug rehab, I would like to do it without anyone having to push me. I would like to learn about drug rehab – what it does, what the treatments are and where I can find one in Florida. Got any ideas?

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Answer by Michael A
yep. by all means go in and give ’em a try. but it didn’t work with me.

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