Why Do I Need Drug Rehab?

Question by Jessie J: Why do I need drug rehab?
I have been a drug user for a year and I haven’t told anyone about it. And if I do decide to get myself into a drug rehab, I would like to do it without anyone having to push me. I would like to learn about drug rehab – what it does, what the treatments are and where I can find one in Florida. Got any ideas?

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Answer by Michael A
yep. by all means go in and give ’em a try. but it didn’t work with me.

edit: get your motor running and don’t start me up because I never stop. Peace.

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  • bill l says:

    been in a couple.Clean and sober now for 2 years.Bottom line,go to an N.A. meeting,they will help you out.If you don’t wanna see people to start…call Narcotics anonymous hot line…Good luck.

  • Ash834 says:

    My brother has been through rehab. It took him three times to get it straight and stop useing. Usually you go through a detox period to get it all out of your system, which is the hardest part. Depending on what drug it is you will get very sick. You will have your meeting, aa or na or whatever. Those will help you talk about the problem and meet people that will help you. I myself have never been in a rehab so that is all i know about them. My brother liked it. He went to a very good one. You will have to look up where they are. Try to do that and find some and read about what they do and i’m sure that information will be much more helpful.

  • petra says:

    Typical drug rehab helps you withdraw medically, then comes counseling and group treatment to help you figure out why you used drugs and how to stay away from them. Typically, people dont need chemicals to deal with every day life. Rehab will also educate you on the dangers of drugs and show you what happens to your life if you continue. The fastest way to find a drug reahb is to call your local mental health center, they will guide you to one.

  • try2bealive says:

    are you a happy drug user? you think you are in control? you can stop any time you want? you are not one of the homeless junkies on the street who cannot keep their act together? if you answered all these questions with “yes”, you are not ready for rehab – going that way means you acknowledge you have a serious problem, and you cannot snap out of it just like that – even though you go to work and your life is not to some degree out of control.
    YOU need to feel the need to change – rehab only gets you started. Once an addict – always an addict. I never believed that – my cockiness always got in my way.
    Good luck – take care of yourself!

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