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Youth Club or Drug Rehab Centre???Which One Would You Go For???

Question by part1: Youth club or drug rehab centre???which one would you go for???
Youth Club > Drug Rehab centre?

Youth Club > Drug Rehab centre?

why would establishing a Youth Club be better than opening a Drug Rehab centre???

p.s. its opening near a school area.

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Answer by Woodworkingmenace
I would go with a Youth Club, because more youths would utilize it, then anything, and it would keep kids off the street, so that they may not get into drugs.

My Son Is a Drug Addict. What Should I Do?

Question by Henry Wood: My son is a drug addict. What should I do?
Oh no, my son is seriously addicted to so many drugs that it is scary. Just yesterday, I caught him huffing glue and trying to get high off of fertilizer. He also regularly likes to go out drinking drunk and recently got fired from his job because he went to work naked while he was smoking a blunt. I am scared for him. I tried talking to him last night, but he just shut the door on me and went back to smoking meth. Oh my gosh, help me!

Speech Help…importance of Not Doing Drugs.?

Question by Cory D: Speech Help…importance of not doing drugs.?
Im going a speech for english. it needs to be at least 4 minutes long and i got about 2 minutes of that covered. its about the importance of not doing drugs. i have 3 main points but i need some more behind them. they’re Life in jail, life out of jail and health effects. so whats all this like and how does it affect you is what im asking.

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My Mom’s a Drug Addict?

Question by Allie: My mom’s a drug addict?
So my mom was a good mom when i was very young, she was stable. She met my step dad who is like a father to me but he has issues of his own. He was always into drugs, so my mom is now to… my mom has a severe problem with opiates, and sleeping pills, every day she come’s home from work her eyes are all dilated and she’s so out of it she falls asleep standing up. It’s actually very annoying. My dad smoke’s a lot of MJ, but he is the same way just more controlled i guess. We move everywhere, I’m only 17. And I’ve lived in Ohio, Florida, Utah, it’s been an adventure but not a fun one. Switching high schools more than 6 time’s is very hard. My parents, mom and step dad, split for a couple of month’s so my mom became a raging alcoholic she has seizures always had since she was little. So it made life very hard, she was in and out of the hospital, tried to commit suicide couple of time’s in front of little sister. So they put her in a mental institute, she left within two days and still kept drinking. She has slowed down now but take’s pills at same time. She is just a mess i love her more than anything but don’t think there’s anyway to help someone who doesn’t want to help themselve’s. Help please!

Why Are More & More “Christians” Becoming Dependent on Illegal Drugs & Alcohol?

Question by velvet kisses: Why are more & more “Christians” becoming dependent on illegal drugs & alcohol?

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Answer by Dave R
Are more becoming dependent, or is there just more awareness of it now. It’s possible that more Christians feel like they can admit their problem these days rather than hiding it.

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Is Patrick Kennedy an Alcoholic or a Drug Addict?

Question by Barney the Gerbil: Is Patrick Kennedy an alcoholic or a drug addict?

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Answer by Lt. dan taylor
its ok………..he has tiger blood

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