Youth Club or Drug Rehab Centre???Which One Would You Go For???

Question by part1: Youth club or drug rehab centre???which one would you go for???
Youth Club > Drug Rehab centre?

Youth Club > Drug Rehab centre?

why would establishing a Youth Club be better than opening a Drug Rehab centre???

p.s. its opening near a school area.

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Answer by Woodworkingmenace
I would go with a Youth Club, because more youths would utilize it, then anything, and it would keep kids off the street, so that they may not get into drugs.

A drug clinic is “not” a good thing, because drug addicts will be frequenting the place while kids are going to school, coming home from school and on the playground and who knows, just because they are going into treatment, a lot of them “still” are on drugs and users and it could be a dangerous situation for the youngsters at the school.

Get a drug addict who “really” needs a fix and they could go nuts on the kids, lash out, and even rob the kids for thier lunch money so they can go get a “fix”! Pedophiles can come there also, and thats not good for anyone.

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