How Do You Cure an Internet Addiction?

Question by Malsa1: How do you cure an internet addiction?
Hi, I’m an internet junkie and definately qualify for the symptons of an addiction. When I’m not on the machine I desperately wait to use it again and when it’s my turn if someone else is still using it I start to feel angry because I can’t use it.

I don’t even like using it, in fact I despise this machine. I waste all my time on it barely doing anything interesting despite chatting when I could so more productively use that time for my new job or my world travelling ambitions. When I finally finish using it I never feel satisfied and want to use it more.

I think it’s linked to how few friends I have in the real world, literally a couple. But on the internet I have a number of people I chat to and I always can talk with them. It’s been like this for I seven years now I think.

When the computer isn’t working I feel a slight freedom and after a few days I miss it less. One week it wasn’t working I achieved so much, including finally learning to ride a bike! But when it was working I became a junkie addict again in about an hour.

When the computer is there, I can rarely resist the temptation. I’m often on it until one or two o’clock in the morning. I tire of it and resent my lack of will power. Can anybody give me any advice or help me out? I can give the best answer ten points of course.

Wow, I’m very impressed by the feedback, a lot of good ideas here! My dad is threatening to cancel the internet subscription in a month’s time, if cutting myself off is the only way to overcome it, then I’ll let him do it.

Best answer:

Answer by Three Days
Buy a xbox 360
murder someone (no computers in prison)
smash it up

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8 Responses to How Do You Cure an Internet Addiction?

  • Genevieve` T says:

    Go out with the friends you have. Have them to introduce you to some other friends. This is not healthy at all. Now log off! jk 🙂

  • thisishalloween0 says:

    Get into reading books!

  • hotspot says:

    Turn it off at the wall so that when you go to use it u couldn’t be bothered turning it back on. Or u could anyways smash the computer with a hammer lol.

  • trying2behelpful says:

    Best way to do it is go cold turkey. Cancel your internet at home. You can still go to the library and check your emails once a week if you need to. I think that is the only way you can cure your addiction. I have the same problem and have strongly considered cutting myself off! Good luck!

  • transformer says:

    try just throwing all your internet cables in the bin and go out camping with no electricity for a while. just use the heat from fire to cook and if u r desperate use gas

  • Pauline F says:

    get rid of your p.c and use library access were your time is limited to a couple of hours today

  • ¡MIkey! says:

    =( its 3:12 a.m. right now and its been this whole summer. ^_^ my advice is to plan sumthing the day before and do what u planned early. spend time with ur “couple of friend” and get to know their friends. and if u really want to stop. delete ur aim, myspace etc.

    ^_^ good luck. and i just cant sleep, thats my problem, my bros keep me up.

  • JT@RD210_182 says:

    which u shall benifit from when electricity bill comes its also eco friendly 🙂

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