Is Drug Abuse by Teenagers Caused Because of a Failed Society or a Failed Family?

Question by Ghost Rider: Is drug abuse by teenagers caused because of a failed society or a failed family?
We have to make a video based on this question.Any interesting ideas?

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Answer by Joshua B
Some may say that, but in reality, it is circumstantial. You may have 2 kids grow up in a poverty stricken neighborhood with a bad home life, but only one may abuse drugs. There are just too many factors to come up with the real reason of why some teenagers choose to abuse drugs.

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  • Olivia says:

    drug abuse has always been there (opium was a very fashionable drug in the last centuries) so you cant blame it on the parents (i think). anything that can change ur mood positively is addictive: drugs, alcohol, over the counter medical drugs so failed society and failed family can cause kids to turn to something to escape from reality.,.. its hard to give a yes no answer because most of it will be very subjective: like what ive experienced and seen as a teenager.. maybe do a list of pro and counter arguments.and then use statistics as proof.. like for example drug abuse by teenagers in comparison to divorce rate in teenager’s family – what is the correlation?

  • Flusterated says:

    Peer pressure…that trumps it all.

  • tacoman says:

    …by failed teenagers

  • Sean :) says:

    i think it can be either a result of a failed family, or a failed “environment” sort of speak (i shall elaborate).

    A failed family: Whether its dysfunction or abuse, any certain type of wrong treatment or “environment” can certainly lead a teen to drugs, but more so, like that one poster said, is really a failed “environment”–

    –A failed “environment”-the wrong “crowd.” Bad friends who influence a vulnerable enough of a person. They know that person is usually suffering, so they tell that person all the “good feelings” drugs provide, and so that person is led into a life that is very hard to get out of, if they’re even lucky enough to have the will power to get out of it. But, a failed “environment” can also be just the kind of community one is brought up in. Whether it’s living in a family that abuses drugs, or living in an impoverished city where drugs dominate the streets, that’s how i think a failed “environment” affects someone.

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