Question by runeknight94: DANGERS OF DRUG ABUSE?
i am trying to write a report well more like i have to write a report on the dangers of drug abuse and there are some topics they want me to cover like

The Physical and Emotional Affects of Drug Addiction

Historical and current rehabilitation practices.

Both legal and illegal drugs

and i couldn’t find any websites that could help me or that i thought would help me and i was wondering if you could post some websites that might help. or if you could tell me some stuff about the topics ? oh and if some ones does it for me they will get 5/5 best answer lol na not really thanks
Oh this is for a 500 word report just to let yall no 🙂

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check out on google

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Ex-addict, parents, grandparent tell of drug abuse's toll

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Two groups of parents who had not until recently heard of each other held a public meeting on April 24 to discuss the growing drug problem in Southern Maryland, particularly opiates. …. For treatment, “You have to use an entire continuum,” she said.
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Kentuckiana faces rising problem of drug abuse and addiction

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Diane Hauge, director of the Louisville-based Seven Counties Jefferson Alcohol and Drug Abuse Center (JADAC), said it is true that there are not enough treatment resources here in Kentuckiana. Hauge said that local governments are limited in what they …
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