Speech Help…importance of Not Doing Drugs.?

Question by Cory D: Speech Help…importance of not doing drugs.?
Im going a speech for english. it needs to be at least 4 minutes long and i got about 2 minutes of that covered. its about the importance of not doing drugs. i have 3 main points but i need some more behind them. they’re Life in jail, life out of jail and health effects. so whats all this like and how does it affect you is what im asking.

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Answer by George J
The drug addict will strongly deny that the use of drugs is the reason for a deteriorating situation. He or she tends to blame the problems they have on people around them, including friends, co-workers, and loved ones, and the treatment group where the addict is a member. Being in a treatment group with such a person is very, very difficult if that person is hostile and blaming. It becomes obvious that the drug habit is the real problem. Most treatment groups will tolerate this situation for a while, hoping the problem “solves itself” by merely disappearing, or that the addict will respond to suggestions, or even ultimatums that they “clean up their act.” Ultimatums may be temporarily effective, but unless the addict seeks true rehabilitation, problems will invariably recur. Sadly, many addicts lose their jobs and are left alone, denying responsibility, blaming the band member(s) responsible for his or her firing.

When a drug addict loses his or her job, it’s because the other workers have been forced to make a choice. A treatment group is a unique environment: one third team, one third business, one third family. It’s very difficult to discharge a member from is “family” when the person is in such obvious trouble and pain. And yet, that person is most likely not contributing fully to the team effort, and may actually be severely damaging himself and otherst. The drug addict may have to cancel appointments, or drop out of treatment if he is unable to perform, and the situation becomes more critical when the other family meembers are also involved with drugs. It becomes difficult to include feeding a family, or paying rent or a mortgage. Every drug addict is an individual, and the demands of every family member’s situation. There are limits to the number of times treatment group members are able to give the addict the benefit of the doubt, and to the number of broken promises a band is able to endure.

The past decade has seen increased awareness of and concern for drug addicts, and increased ability to effectively treat their illness. There are full-time self-help groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), and its first cousin Narcotics Anonymous (NA) dedicated to providing drug addicts with help and support. There are many other public and private organizations with similar goals, including those oriented towards helping “concerned persons” – the family, friends, and co-workers of addicts. One of these groups is an excellent place for band members to go for help with bringing one of their own to rehabilitation. While AA and NA offer free support, private rehabilitation facilities can be very costly. The costs and types of rehabilitation programs vary however, and the addition of substance abuse to the list of illnesses recognized by the AMA has made treatment for drug addiction eligible for coverage under many health insurance policies.

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