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Are the Drug Rehabilitation Centers Here in Arlington, Texas Good?

Question by carli h: Are the drug rehabilitation centers here in Arlington, Texas good?
My best friend is addicted to heroin. He thought I didn’t know, but actually I have already known two years ago. I want to help him get better.

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Answer by ashlynn b
You are lucky because there are great drug treatment centers in Arlington. You can search on the web for their exact locations and contact details. You may also use the link I included below. You can find drug rehabs and additional information about drug addiction in those sites.

Christian Based Drug Rehabs in Texas?

Question by eko: Christian based drug rehabs in Texas?
I am looking for a christian based drug rehab in Texas for my brother who has finally decided to turn a new leaf. Since we won;t be able to afford to pay for it I was wondering if there is any kind of rehab that would take him in for free and make him work there to make up for it. Any kind of information would be greatly appreciated. Other states will also do. I need this info really bad before its too late to save my brother. Thanks

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A.T.R.I. – Addiction Treatment Reviews and Information


A.T.R.I. – Addiction Treatment Reviews and Information – Reviews, testimonials, information on drug rehabs, treatment centers, sober living homes, sober coaches, therapists, etc – http://addiction-rehab-reviews.org…


In Nj What Constitutes Child Abandoment?

Question by Joan: in nj what constitutes child abandoment?
I have legal custody of my grandson since May of 2004 in which time her mother went to drug rehab see saw him 4 months after she got out in Oct 2004. From then til now has been in numerous drug rehabs and prison. She has not seen my grandson since Oct 2004. Are there any legal actions I can take.

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Answer by SKH82
I’m a little confused–if you already have legal custody, what’s the issue? I think there’s more to this that we need to know to answer correctly.

Addiction Treatment Center in Texas


Addiction Treatment Center in Texas – http://www.texasdrugrehabs.net/ – The Texas Drug Rehabs hotline staff are available 7 days per week to assist you in this time of crisis. We will work dilige…


Police link meth to 41 percent of Napa County crime

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To Napa Police Lt. Gary Pitkin, methamphetamine abuse in Napa County has a direct link to a litany of other crimes that impact residents — theft, burglary, fraud, illegal firearm possession, and armed robbery. … “It's a triage center. Usually jails …
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How Am I Going to Find Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers in Gainesville, Texas?

Question by amelia f: How am I going to find alcohol rehabilitation centers in Gainesville, Texas?
I need to do this for a friend of mine who is asking for my help. He has been dependent upon alcohol for months now, but it’s only recently that he has learned to admit this to himself. I really want to help him since he has always been there for me when I needed him in the past. I don’t know how to find alcohol rehabs, though. Please help.

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