Is There a Drug Rehab Center in Bloomington, California?

Question by greg: Is there a drug rehab center in Bloomington, California?
My uncle Randy told me that he plans to enter a drug rehabilition center. He said that he wants to get over with his heroin addiction. I know that it is such a good idea and he wants me to accompany him. He said that he needs my support now more than ever. I think he really wants to start anew. Now, we have to find a drug rehab center in Bloomington. Anybody knows of a drug rehab in Bloomington?

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Answer by carrie
I don’t know exactly if there is a drug rehab center in Bloomington because I’ve never been there. The only way I can help you is by posting some links here that will direct you into a list of drug rehabs all over California. I discovered this site via a person who answered my question regarding rehabs in Pennsylvania. Good luck to your Uncle Randy and don’t ever leave his side. He needs you.

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