What Are Some Questions That a Substance Abuse Medical Doctor?

Question by ohmygoshjessica: What are some questions that a substance abuse medical doctor?
I am interviewing a medical doctor who specializes in drug abuse about the role genetics plays in one’s choice to use substances. I need to come up with questions relating to the drug use/genetics relationship..

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Answer by SWSunflower
I am an Addiction Specialist (Intake/Assessment/Crisis and Family Group Counselor) for many years. Some uninformed people still see addiction or substance abuse as a character defect, we now know that this is a fallacy. Addiction can come in many forms, sexual, food, tobacco, drugs, alcohol, gambling, shopping, etc. The main problem lies in the OCD or Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder that does seem to be more prevalent in some familes than others. I would ask this doctor that you are “interviewing” what his or her background is, what they believe is the root cause of substance abuse, what treatments that they use and do they recommend aftercare or support groups (of the 12 step model)? Any “doctor” that says they can “cure” addiction should be avoided, as it is a continual
condition to be aware of on a daily basis in order to live a more harmoneous life.

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  • Moo says:

    1. Ask about T.H.I.Q (tetrahydroisoquinolone) that is a bi-product of alcohol, only found in the brain of alcoholics.

    2. Is this inherited.

    3. How certain drugs can be gateways for other drug use.

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