Stopping Heroin or Cocaine Addiction?

Question by Denver: stopping heroin or cocaine addiction?
I have come up with a novel idea. Would it not be a good idea to put heroin or cocaine addicts in an induced coma for one or two weeks? when they wake up the sickness would be gone!

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Answer by Shanni
Hell no I was an addict that is not the way to go as addicts would not know that they are over the pain and some people get goose pimples and feel strange weeks later.
I was hooked 10 years of my life wasted here is whats worked and I am still in treatment and is still working for me:
DETOX_ Thamkrabok Monestry
Recovery- New Life Thai Foundation
Western detox is really expensive here you get your flight to Thailand, make a donation to the detox, then 400 pounds (500 dollars per month) for the new life foundation. Please I did the Valium popping in hotel to get clean the thing with addicts is we replace one addiction with another sobriety is the only way here is cheaper than any where I have found even cheaper than holistic therapy I have tried plus your in Thailand with beautiful surroundings which is therapy in itself. I am learning mindfulness, meditation and so much more plus everyday I feel like I am productive. Please check out the links below for the first time in ten years I found a way that works so as NA and AA say as an addict the best way for me to stay well is to help others. Here is a little on where I am now to recover from my addictions. The New Life Thai Foundation is international recovery community for people who are suffering because of addiction problems, depression, stress, burnout, relationship issues or abuse. We are located in northern Thailand, near Chiang Rai.
Our mission is to cultivate a lifestyle that fosters inner growth and helps people to find meaning and purpose in life again. Recovery shouldn’t be about profit here it is not and open to all to come and recover in a supportive and loving environment.

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