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Is Drug Addiction a Problem in the Philippines?

Question by shirley p: is drug addiction a problem in the philippines?
do you have any basis that drug addiction is really a problem in the philippines

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Answer by asen

for suffering addicts

no place on earth that is untouched by this deadly menace
if u can be more specific …

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How Many Children Enter Foster Care at Birth in This Situation?

Question by sizesmith: How many children enter foster care at birth in this situation?
Supposedly, this woman is afraid of giving birth, and says in the past, she’d made some horrible mistakes in neglecting her children through drugs. Now that she’s clean, she expects that the state is going to take the child she’s carrying. Does this still happen?
BTW-this is NOT my son’s 1st mom, it is a person through an adoption support groups friend.

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Drug Addiction : How to Parent a Child With a Heroin Addiction


Drug Addiction : How to Parent a Child with a Heroin Addiction – Parenting and helping a child with heroin addiction usually cannot be done alone, and seeking an addiction specialist highly advised. Discover these tips for…


Reformed drug addicts as specialist magistrates? Why not?

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Not only because it might help to create a more representative class of magistrates. More importantly, because it might help the criminal justice system become more effective at dealing with certain types of problem and certain types of crime. It is …
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Paul Richardson’s Return From ACL Injury


Paul Richardson’s Return from ACL injury – Paul Richardson’s Return from ACL injury.


Petty theft convict faces drug intervention violation

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That means she won't have a conviction on her record if she successfully completes the drug treatment program. … As part of her three years of intensive probation, Nutter must pay the Willard Police Department $ 40 to cover the cost of drug testing …
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Law enforcement and court records — Dec. 12

When Will They Start Mandatory Drug Testing for Women Getting Child Support?

Question by Stupid Grandpa Tricks: When will they start mandatory drug testing for Women getting Child Support?
So sick of all the stories of how women ( and some men ) who get really good child support payments that pay ALL their bills and extras are always addicted to drugs. I even know a man in Florida who is drug addicted and the system is his co-dependent. I say this because the courts awarded him the kid and the ex pays BIG child support thus allowing him to not work and pursue his full time drug addiction.We see this with movie stars all the time. We just don’t here about it as much with family court being a closed court and child support is not considered a tax payer funded system ( although it really is if you think about it) who pays judges and child support agencies-? Taxpayers.

Drug Abuse Help | Find Drug Abuse Help in Arizona


Drug Abuse Help | Find Drug Abuse Help in Arizona – http://blueprintsforrecovery.com Drug Abuse Help – This YouTube video will provide information on the challenges with drug and alcohol addiction. It’s true t…


Chronicle AM — December 20, 2013

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A pair of state appeals courts slap down cops who take people's medicine and won't give it back, there are problems with Kansas' drug testing law, Peru is buying shining new toys to prosecute its drug war, and more. Let's get to it: Hash is … Sue …
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