Help for Violent Teen With Drug Abuse Issues?

Question by Jamie M: Help for violent teen with drug abuse issues?
What kind of help is there for a teen who has major violence issues along with a drug problem? He has threatened my mom and dad (he lives with grandparents, both parents passed away) with violence (killing, beating). He refuses any type of therapy or rehab and they are concerned he will retaliate if they take him someplace. Is there a place that will force him to go through therapy and keep him “locked up” per se? My parents are scared for their lives but they want desperately to help him. They have contacted police and such but were told that because he is underage (almost 17) there is nothing they can do. I don’t understand why there isn’t more help out there for people going through situations like this. We are lost as to what to do. Any suggestions?

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Answer by Lindsey
It seems as though you and your family are in a very difficult position, especially since he is unwilling to get help, when help is exactly what he needs. Drug abuse is a serious issue, and when the person using does not understand how dangerous what they are doing is, and how much it is damaging their body, it makes things a little bit more difficult.

First I would recommend that you take a look at this site,, and on there you will find information about how to deal with someone who is a drug abuser, what treatment options are available, etc. It is a great informational site that I think will be of some use for you.

Also on the site, there is a toll-free helpline number which either you, or your parents can call and you will be able to speak to a trained professional who can answer your questions, and probably will be able to tell you the next steps that should be taken in regards to getting him back on track.

Hope this is helpful, good luck.

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