History of Drug/alcohol Abuse Runs in My Family…and Im Scared I Have a Growing Drug Problem.?

Question by dearlife18: history of drug/alcohol abuse runs in my family…and im scared i have a growing drug problem.?
but i don’t’ know if its just me over thinking it…or if i really do. iv purchased cocaine once, done weed countless times, triple c’s countless times, and I’m just constantly thinking of new ways to get high, and trying my hardest to get stuff. i think about doing drugs almost all the time. iv overdosed from triple c’s twice…and both times while i was at school. and i still continue to do them. my friends are scared for me, and idk if its fear i have an addiction…or what it is. it seems my day revolves around drugs though, and any time i get any sort of stress..drugs are the first thing that comes to mind.

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Answer by katelinew
you may need professional help.
best of luck =]

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Alcohol Abuse Destroys Families – Centerstone Heals. Find out how to get help now: http://centerstone.org/get-help-now.


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  • Leigh says:

    if u get stressed just kick back and relax. drugs, yeh they make you feel good for a min or two but make you feel horrible afterwards. my best advice is to either talk to a doctor, OR stay away from drugs/alcohol cause they lead to depression and thats not good at all…trust me. just start knockin off da amount of drugs you use a day. if you get tired dont look to drugs, it means your starting to get seperated from em. be the first in your family to say not to drugs. hoped i helped bud=) msg me if u need

  • Abby says:

    You need to realize that your brain is capable of producing the same effects that drugs give you without any type of drugs! Try reading The Secret or other books on positive thinking. You have the power to stop doing drugs completely. You are not a slave to your family history. It is even debated in the medical community whether there is even a genetic link to drug addiction. Even if there is, it is only small and is only a predisposition. In order to become a drug addict, you need to combine your genetic risk along with psychological and social factors to become an addict.

    Stop doing drugs!!! Be thankful you haven’t had any serious problems with them.

    Also, google “stanton peele” is is a psychologist that has numerous books on drug addiction and how to beat it. He also has books for people that have a family history and want to make sure they don’t turn into drug addicts.

  • blackswan1983 says:

    You are already addicted.

    Addiction runs in families, it comes from genes.

    Get help as soon as possible before you start suffering the major consequences that will lead you to rock bottom.

  • cityxlightsxfade says:

    alcoholism runs thick in my family, and i worry about me falling into it all the time. every time i have a drink i think about it. you have to know the limit. learn from your family members and see how it is effecting their lives. do you want to grow up to be that? lead an example to not only them but to your friends and most of all to yourself.

    you really should think about getting into some sort of treatment so you can address these things now while you are still young.

  • bittywrap says:

    Do you have a drug of choose. One that you wont to take every day? That is addiction. when you will take most anything to just get high than it is something else. You still need to get help.

  • dan and jen b says:

    Yes, you have a drug problem. If you are unable to stop, seek treatment or go to some AA meetings. You should tell your parents to look into rehab so your problem doesn’t get worse, unless you want to die.

  • Kelli B says:

    Well if you are questioning it more than likely you yourself are realizing it could be a problem. I would say PLEASE talk to a counseler. Or even try going to some AA or NA meetings (they are free). But do something don’t just let it keep going because then it will REALLY get out of hand. Nip it in the bud so to speak. The fact that you said your constantly looking for ways to get high? Stress makes you want to get high? Those are all signs pointing to addiction. Please try to get help now don’t wait. I’ve been there GET HELP! You may be afraid to at first but if you truly feel you can’t stop on your own get help you will thank yourself in the end. TRUST ME!

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