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Question by Karen R: Addictions?
I have had problems with addictions my entire life. I have heard you can switch addictions…..has anyone ever done that on purpose? If so, how?

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Answer by David
I have ADD and a very addictive personality. In high school I was addicted to cocaine, now in college I’m addicted to cigarettes. I also take Adderall, which is surely addictive, and I think it has helped in some ways to “replace” my cocaine addiction. I’m a drinker and smoke pot too, but these are social activities and I have no problem stopping myself with them if I want to.

Does Government Afford to Spend Their Budget for Providing Child Care to the Working Parents?

Question by Takahiro Tsuji: Does government afford to spend their budget for providing child care to the working parents?
I have two question.
First,does government afford to spend their budget for providing child daycare to the working parents? If they can provide, it is great but they have to consider about budget carefully. Then, how do you think about government’s budget? Can they provide child care? Please answer me with detail. If you will answer about certain state government, please let me know what state you are taking about too.

Drug Abuse Resistance Education?

Question by : Drug Abuse Resistance Education?
Which of the following is true of the D.A.R.E. program?
A. It is a program aimed at reducing teen pregnancy.
B. It is widely used, but has not been proven effective.
C. It is a drug prevention program for high school students.
D. It is a social work sponsored program focused on gang prevention.

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Answer by Betsy

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Ashland Substance Abuse Prevention kids (ASAP) – BoS meeting 6-5-13 – Ashland kids make anti-drug presentation to Board of Selectmen.

Do You Believe We Should Decriminalize All Drug Use the Way Portugal Does?

Question by No Chance Without Thor: Do you believe we should decriminalize all drug use the way Portugal does?
Portugal decriminalized all drug use and they have now effectively cut all drug addiction in half and no longer sends drug users to prison. Instead, drug abuse is treated like the health problem that it actually is.

I wish America would do this, but we have too many cartel lobbyists to make sure we don’t do something that makes sense.

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Answer by pdooma

But you realize we can’t do that in the US because we have to protect everyone from themselves.

Helath Classwork Help!!? Drug Abuse?

Question by Lulu: Helath classwork help!!? Drug Abuse?
10. If there are risk factors present in a teen’s life, they will most likely use drugs. true or false
11. The human immunodeficiency virus causes the typically fatal disease AIDS. true or false
14. Addiction is the compulsive use of a drug, no matter the cost to health, family, or social standing. true or false
15. The person needs to first acknowledge that they have a drug problem before they can ever be helped. true or false
16. A ___________ is a condition that occurs when one’s drug’s effect is canceled out or reduced by another.
a. drug synergism
b. drug antagonism
17. The symptoms of withdrawal are the body’s response to not having the drug. true or false
18. A baby is not put at risk for a wide range of developmental problems when a pregnant woman abuses drugs. true or false
19. Therapeutic community is a residential treatment center where former drug abusers live together and learn to adjust to drug-free lives. true or false
20. Protective personal factors include a commitment to success in academics and extracurricular activates, and a personal belief that drug abuse is not acceptable. true or false

CONSOL Northern West Virginia Water Treatment Plant Tour


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How marijuana munis could save the states

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By Doe's reckoning, $ 400 million is enough to fund, hypothetically, 10 social service programs that cost $ 40 million each, or to finance major construction. "$ 400 million of new tax revenue would be material," he says, adding, "I've seen states borrow …
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