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I’m Looking for a Halfway House in Chicago,Il Located on North Division Street?

Question by jamhalb: I’m looking for a halfway house in chicago,il located on north division street?

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Answer by BIG MIKE
it was not easy but i think that i may have found something.
it is a site that give ALL the info. that you need re your request.


i copied some stuff from the site however don’t bother to read it. the site has linke to EVERY HALF WAY HOUSE AT THE ADDRESS REQUESTED GO THERE NOW OK.?

What Are Some Harsh but True Quotes? (Not Necessarily Insulting, Just Harsh.)?

Question by Army ROTC Cadet Beckman: What are some harsh but true quotes? (Not necessarily insulting, just harsh.)?

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Answer by Jo W
These are some harsh quotes about addiction, but they are very true and insightful –

“Every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether the narcotic be alcohol or morphine or idealism.” – Carl Gustav Jung

“It is not heroin or cocaine that makes one an addict, it is the need to escape from a harsh reality. There are more television addicts, more baseball and football addicts, more movie addicts, and certainly more alcohol addicts in this country than there are narcotics addicts.” – Shirley Chisholm

What Were the First Signs of Your Loved Ones Drug Addiction?

Question by nacho c: What were the first signs of your loved ones drug addiction?
Those who have known addicts…Do drug addicts make plans and not show up? Also, those who have learned their loved one is an addict, can u please share the awkward/unsual or addict behavior you discovered?

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Answer by PEGGY S
Yes, they do and they are usually moody and broke most of the time, unless they are wealthy.

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Recovering Drug Addicts, Answer.?

Question by : recovering drug addicts, answer.?
I recently started talking to a boy i graduated with. We never were friends, but had tons of mutual friends, and we always said hello and were friendly when we did see eachother. He always seemed really nice. So, he started to talk to me on facebook. We realized how much we had in common, and we met up in town to go to the store and such together, and we clicked. this was only about 3 days after we started talking. He then told me right off the bat, that he is recovering from major drug addictions, and that if i didnt want to be involved with a person like himself, he would understand if i just stopped talking to him. i decided not to stop. He has told me he is a “horrible person” and when i asked why he said “tons of reasons”. i told him to make a list. and he did. he was very hesitant to read it, but he did. he told me things he hasnt told other people, and he HAD done some horrible things. but, he ISNT a bad person, i FEEL it, and i am totally falling for him. he said he promises he will never intentionally hurt me, and he is doing everything in his power to change who he once was. when we are in public together, he is such a gentleman, not just to me, but to everyone, and i love it. i can tell he is not using me, he hasnt asked for anything. my only worry is, how frequent is a relapse? how hard is it to overcome? he has been to rehab 3 times (we are 20 years old) and this time is apparently the longest he’s been clean. he told me in complete confidence that i am completing him, and i make his life easier to live just by being here. and he really does seem like he means it. what are the chances of me getting hurt if i continue to see him? (i have never done drugs, have never had an addiction.) i know that urge is stronger than the urge to keep me happy, but do you think if he really cares, he can stay clean for me?


Question by meeeee09: DRUG ABUSE IN THE FAMILY. HELP!?
My husbands mother was once addicted to several types of drugs…sleep aids and muscle relaxers. and some others, not sure all. she was a different person then the person we know and love.

We tried and tried to help her. she went through rehab a few times. she was finally becoming her normal self again. happy and aware of things. not always asleep. e lived in GA and she lives in WV…I would talk to her on the phone and I could tell she was doing very well!

Questionnaire About Psychology of Drug Addiction/recovery?

Question by xSweetiex07: Questionnaire about psychology of drug addiction/recovery?
I am doing a service learning project, and my mom is an active member of Narcotics Anonymous, so I thought I could ask her friends (that are in the program) some questions about their recovery. I need help thinking of questions to ask and how I would be able to tie them into the psychology aspect of my class. Thanks.

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