JOE ROGAN Talks About IBOGA TRIP!!! Iboga Treatment vs. DMT


JOE ROGAN talks about IBOGA TRIP!!! Iboga Treatment vs. DMT – Iboga is a plant that is relatively unknown but is said by those who take it to unlock the truth and reconnect them to their soul for greater freedom. It is …


Dwyane Wade Divorce Fees Could Reach Million: Report

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Joumana filed <a href="" target="_hplink">her own lawsuit</a> one month later, in which she portrayed the basketball star as a binge drinking abuser who assaulted her …
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From Homophobia To Marriage: 10 Important Gay Moments On “The Real World”

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Whether or not it was directly linked to struggles with coming out, both Chris (RW: Chicago) and Ruthie (RW: Hawaii) became two examples of LGBT culture facing addictions to drugs and alcohol. … She's eventually forced to go to rehab and sober up. 8.
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Federal judge: Bitcoin 'can be used as money,' subject to SEC

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It also makes it easier for those with less upstanding intentions, like drug dealers and money launderers, to evade detection. Tuesday's ruling may prove bad news for Bitcoin's extended future. Federal law prohibits the creation of a new currency not …
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We need a sober debate on misuse of alcohol

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The number of alcohol treatment episodes in the ACT has also fallen more than 30 per cent since 2006, according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, which also reports that the number of people aged 14 or over who drink on a daily basis …
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22 Responses to JOE ROGAN Talks About IBOGA TRIP!!! Iboga Treatment vs. DMT

  • Cisabear says:

    You’re on the right track with that mindset. 🙂 Just remember. Its not all about who YOU are, or who I am, because I am you and you are me and we? are all eachother.

  • iGotGameDoU says:

    i want to thank u for sharing this with us im going to look more into this an i feel this may have just saved my life i have a very bad drug problem along with being suicidal physiologically unsound? an much more no one can ever understand the shit i go through every day because i dont even understand it i pray this will give me the answers i have been looking for thank you

  • Mick Clavinet says:

    How do you obtain iboga??

  • twigfig says:

    sounds ace!?

  • Zeeshan Mahmud says:

    Does Salvia divinorum? have any similar effect of curing addiction problem?

  • JPCODE says:

    I just went thru? ibogaine treatment to detox after about 6yrs of opiate addiction 3 of which were on methadone, Went in Friday week ago came out the other side Sunday morning clear headed and clean. Its taxing on your body when used for detox and you should definatly put time aside to rest up afterwards but withdrawls were minimum to none when managed properly and thats just unbelievable so I say if your ready to turn shit around GO FOR IT!! All the best.

  • dcj991 says:

    Same? here man!

  • ThePro330 says:

    Same Im? 15

  • IconicTheory says:

    Can you provide some details on how to arrange this trip to costa rica? i need this? journey! thanks in advance!

  • MichaelsPhan says:

    im 16 too and i completely agree, a lot of people (not just our age) think drugs are? bad and all this stuff is bogas, which is completely wrong! i totally see how they are living through their mind and body and not the conciousness that inhabits them and animates the “clay” that they are within. I think its time people learned the inner truth and if everyone found their true self, we would be living in a world that John Lennon imagined 🙂

  • Jaired Gros says:

    so? how? was it? im addicted to opiates

  • david briggs says:

    I might make a t-shirt out of what you just said? 🙂

  • guy5140 says:

    The way I approach drugs is? to not believe what I see/feel. Just take it into consideration. Just because I really don’t know what drugs are doing to me and how they are working

  • TheMycophile says:

    Awesome thanks for this ibogahouse.Joe Rogan blowing out? about Iboga and didn’t know what it was until this interview,very cool 🙂
    I never knew about the Porcupine though!
    Thanks again.

  • peterHmode says:

    I am seriously? thinking of going down to any of these places and try it!
    I would like to kick my Methadone habit.
    Its not like detox or die for me as I am feeling quite okay now its only in my mind I know this is bad to take a medication every day.
    Anyone has experience with it? Does it really helps for withdrawals?
    I would need only for withdrawals pains etc I am fine spiritually and my life is okay too.
    So is that possible to kick the pains and be okay just like that?

  • TheTaben says:

    A revolution of psychedelics in society where its completely commonplace to “trip”, Would then put man,? god, and the grand scale of everything on the same damn floor.

  • trebingbing904 says:

    Well….How was? it?

  • der shkorpjon says:

    how was it? playa?

  • Jeffrey Thominson says:

    How exactly does it help with opiate addiction though. I mean there is no way they it can completely take away yout withdrawals. It might make it a little easier to handle right? Tell me how it works please im trying to help my cousin who shoots? H.

  • InevitableAzn says:

    Beautiful experience,? thanks for sharing!

  • djnardos says:

    how was? it? 🙂

  • TribeCa11edNick says:

    It helped? my uncle with the same thing.

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