How Should Illegal Immigration Be Stopped?

Question by mr. man: How should illegal immigration be stopped?
How can it be stopped? I don’t see a good reason besides building a big wall that wouldn’t be racist against hispanics. Should we just let everyone in and be fair because the Mexicans can border hop easily?

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Answer by mooned22
Walls and barbed wire

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14 Responses to How Should Illegal Immigration Be Stopped?

  • danrathersatitagain says:

    A nation that fails to control its borders isn’t a sovereign nation for long.

  • Foghorn says:

    The Mexicans have just declared war on us and all we do is hand them over the keys to our country.

    Is there anything we can do? Of course not

  • Covergirl says:

    Cut off the borders, go after the people hiring them, enforce laws and deport illegals.

  • La espada cantarina says:

    You stand on the border and tell the coming ilegals:
    “what you are doing is ilegal. Go back”

  • Buy N Sell Everything says:

    Take the troops that are sitting around making babies in Germany, and put them on the Boarder. I believe there are 56,000 soldiers there currently. With there equipment and the boarder patrol the problem would soon dry up to a trickle.

  • red top says:

    Get Mexico to cooperate on the other side by building their farmlands ownership up so the people can farm and produce their own crops and cattle to sell on the open market, and help the people get good educations, they have plenty of people who got their education in the united states,who could be teachers

  • * Smile! * says:

    Did you just call the border fence “racist”?

  • Fed up! says:

    Reality check for Mr. Man. Read and stop being a sympathizer to people that don’t respect our country, our laws, all of whom are criminals for trespassing, the majority of whom are violent criminals, rapists, thieves, gangbangers, drug dealers, etc., and a HUGE drain on our country’s economy.

    This study is one of the first to estimate the total impact of illegal immigration on the federal budget. Most previous studies have focused on the state and local level and have examined only costs or tax payments, but not both. Based on Census Bureau data, this study finds that, when all taxes paid (direct and indirect) and all costs are considered, illegal households created a net fiscal deficit at the federal level of more than $ 10 billion in 2002. We also estimate that, if there was an amnesty for illegal aliens, the net fiscal deficit would grow to nearly $ 29 billion.

    Among the findings:

    Households headed by illegal aliens imposed more than $ 26.3 billion in costs on the federal government in 2002 and paid only $ 16 billion in taxes, creating a net fiscal deficit of almost $ 10.4 billion, or $ 2,700 per illegal household.

    Among the largest costs are Medicaid ($ 2.5 billion); treatment for the uninsured ($ 2.2 billion); food assistance programs such as food stamps, WIC, and free school lunches ($ 1.9 billion); the federal prison and court systems ($ 1.6 billion); and federal aid to schools ($ 1.4 billion).

    With nearly two-thirds of illegal aliens lacking a high school degree, the primary reason they create a fiscal deficit is their low education levels and resulting low incomes and tax payments, not their legal status or heavy use of most social services.

    There are currently over 400,000 unaccounted for illegal alien criminals with outstanding deportation orders. Those are just the ones apprehended. At least one fourth of these are hard core criminals. Nobody knows how many more there are, but they are numerous and roaming your neighborhoods, preying on you and your family. Read more about it here.

    Many of these heinous crimes are against children. How many children are being molested, raped, and murdered by illegal aliens? Nobody knows for sure but the numbers are staggering. To give you some idea of the prevalence of the crime, peruse the ICE Public Information News Releases.

    While there are numerous reports of individual sexual predators such as Mexican Sex Offender and Six-Time Deportee in ICE Custody or Man Deported Following Conviction For Molesting 6-year-old, you will see many reports of multiple child predators being caught and deported. Some of them over the last two years are as follows:

    * 45 child predators arrested in New York City,,
    * 36 convicted Orange County child sex offenders face deportation
    * ICE arrests 52 child predators in NYC operation
    * Four Child Predators Arrested In Rhode Island
    * ICE Arrests 16 predators in Westchester County Operation
    * ICE Agents Arrest 8 Child Sex Predators In Washington, DC And Virginia
    * 18 Predators Nabbed By ICE In Nassau County
    * ICE Arrests 25 Child Sex Offenders in Chicago Area
    * ICE Arrests 7 in Rockland County, NY
    * 12 Child Sex Predators Arrested in Santa Clara County
    * ICE Arrests 27 Sexual Predators in Suffolk County

    In case you are interested, that is 250 illegal alien child molesters. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

    When we talk about the costs to secure our borders, we need to ask “How many crimes against children is acceptable collateral damage?” Isn’t that what it is all about? Cheap lettuce versus molested, raped and murdered children – a cost/benefit tradeoff.

    Occasionally, the Federal Government decides to actually do something about some of the more violent illegal alien criminals – after they are already here and have committed mayhem! Operation Predator evolved out of ICE’s mission to find and deport illegal aliens with the more heinous criminal records. The majority of the arrests under Operation Predator – roughly 85% – involved foreign nationals in this country whose child sex crimes made them removable from the United States. By matching immigration databases with state Megan’s law directories, ICE agents have arrested more than 1,800 registered sex offenders.

    Digressing for a moment, what the hell was a convicted, illegal alien sex offender even doing out of jail or not immediately deported – even if 63% do come right back – let alone roaming around the neighborhoods while on a registry! Has the judicial system in this country gone insane?

    In any case, Operation Predator began on July 9, 2003, and resulted in 6,085 child predator arrests throughout the country – an average of roughly 250 arrests per month and eight arrests per day. While arrests have been made in every state, the most have occurred in these states: Arizona (207), California (1,578), Florida (255), Illinois (282), Michigan (153), Minnesota (190), New Jersey (423), New York (367), Oregon (148) and Texas (545).

    While Operation Predator was a noble effort and ICE is to be commended, it only made a small dent in the criminal activity and number of horrific crimes being committed by illegal alien child sexual predators.

    It is worth noting that some pedophile statistics report that each pedophile molests average of 148 children. If so, that could be as many as 900,580 victims from just the 6,085 illegal alien predators that were caught. Regardless, how many children being molested is acceptable collateral damage?

    In fact, the criminal activity in the illegal alien community is now so bad that illegal aliens are being held for ransom and as slaves by other illegal aliens and smugglers are kidnapping illegal aliens from other smugglers! Then there is the fast growing “sex slave” problem as reported in The Girls Next Door, SEX TRAFFICKING – San Francisco Is A Major Center For International Crime Networks That Smuggle And Enslave, Raid in Tennessee ends girl’s captivity as a sex slave Profiling Sex Trafficking: Illegal Immigrants At Risk, Latina Sex Slavery, and Police sting in Colorado shuts down Pacifica brothel

    For more crimes committed by illegal aliens and the personal impact it has had on individual citizens see Immigrations Human Cost, Victims of Illegal Aliens, Crime Victims of Illegal Aliens, Escaping Justice, Predatory Aliens, Crimes involving immigrants from around the world, both legal and otherwise, and Victims of Illegal Aliens Memorial. Go to Fallen Heroes for information on a few more cops killed by illegal aliens.

    When visiting any of the links and sites, keep in mind that nobody is tracking and reporting the crimes on a national basis and these are just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Fred says:

    Incorporate Mexico’s immigration policy they have for their southern border invaders, either that or about 50,000 land mines, yes give warning if you feel you must.

  • Did you miss me?, Pure and MD says:

    It’s impossible to stop 100% illegal immigration. It’s happening since the creation of this world.
    One of the best solutions to control illegal immigration is a good immigration reform, as our President Obama plan to implement soon

  • American Patriot says:

    The fact is that we had an open border with Mexico for several centuries,
    and “illegal immigration” was never a serious problem.

    Before Reagan’s presidency,
    an estimated million or so people a year came into the US from Mexico –
    and the same number, more or less,
    left the US for Mexico at the end of the agricultural harvest season.
    Very few stayed, because there weren’t jobs for them.

    Non-citizens didn’t have access to the non-agricultural US job market,
    in large part because of the power of US labor unions
    (before Reagan 25% of the workforce was unionized;
    today the private workforce is about 7% unionized),
    and because companies were unwilling to risk
    having non-tax-deductible labor expenses on their books
    by hiring undocumented workers without valid Social Security numbers.

    But Reagan put an end to that.
    His 1986 amnesty program,
    combined with his aggressive war on organized labor (begun in 1981),
    in effect told both employers and non-citizens
    that there would be few penalties
    and many rewards to increasing the US labor pool
    (and thus driving down wages)
    with undocumented immigrants.

    A million people a year continued to come across our southern border,
    but they stopped returning to Latin America every fall
    because instead of seasonal work
    they were able to find permanent jobs.

    The magnet drawing them? Illegal Employers.

    “Mass deportations” and “Fences” are hysterics and false choices.

    Start penalizing “Illegal Employers”
    and non-citizens without a Social Security number
    will leave the country on their own.

    And they won’t have to confront death
    trying to cross the desert back into Mexico –
    Mexican citizens can simply walk back into Mexico
    across the border at any legal border crossing
    (as about a million did every year for over a century).

    Easy, simple, cheap, painless.
    No fence required.
    No mass deportations necessary.
    No need for Homeland Security to get involved.

    When jobs are not available,
    most undocumented workers will simply leave the country
    as they always did before

  • Mujer Alta says:

    It’s very easy to stem the tide: no jobs = no illegals. If we don’t hire them, they won’t come.

  • Barricade says:

    The best thing to do is to check everybody and make sure they are legal. How? If they apply for any job, they have to be a legal resident. Simple as that. When they can’t jobs, they will start moving back.

  • MarcThyme says:

    “Illegal immigration” from Mexico & South America should probably just be ignored, since it is the biggest factor in controlling inflation in the USA over the last two decades. American workers are legally NOT ALLOWED to work for less than half of minimum wage picking the vegetables most Americans eat, preparing the chickens most Americans eat, and packing the foods that appear in the supermarket ready-prepared that most Americans buy; if illegal immigrants all vanished overnight, the only REAL impact that would have on America is severe inflation. Even if you COULD find “legal” Americans to do those jobs, they would have to be paid Federal minimum wage, which increases costs, and will ultimately be borne by the consumer.

    The “anti-illegals” crowd are just too dumb to understand the ONLY person they are really hurting is themselves.

    Real liberty includes the freedom to be dumb, I guess!

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