Free Drug Rehabilitation Centers in California/Nevada?

Question by J: Free drug rehabilitation centers in California/Nevada?
Hello – My family is having a hard time with my brother. He is currently living on a $ 500 month unemployment check. His girlfriend and him just broke up and he wants to move home with my parents. Unfortunately, he has been an alcoholic for the past 8 years of his life. My parent’s want to find a rehab center for him before he moves back home. He is 29 years old and drinks a 24 pack of beer every day. Please, my family doesn’t have any money to send him. Is there anywhere we can send him?

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Answer by Jacklyn
There are government run rehab centers and some non government organizations you can look into. Can you give this number a try 888-653-8961 it offers free initial consultation and its toll free.My cousin referred that number to a friend who needed treatment.

Good luck friend and hope you get your brother the proper help he needs.

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