Abraham Hicks – Alcohol & Marijuana


Abraham Hicks – Alcohol & Marijuana – Abraham hicks talks about law of attraction and alcohol and marijuana ( weed, pot, ganja ) ATTENTION!! Please help us to win this contest before it ends April 27th 2014! I need all of you…


OPINION: On pot, take careful steps

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Many experts believe alcohol is a far more serious threat to human health than marijuana. A number do not believe that marijuana is a gateway drug leading to use of cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin or addiction to prescription drugs such as Oxycodone.
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Marijuana Legalization and Young Brains: Time for Serious Study

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The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has funded groundbreaking research to understand specifically how drugs change the brain in a way that impairs mental functions and leads to addiction. This research has revealed how otherwise dissimilar …
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Miley Cyrus: Next Star to Rehab?

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It comes across as a cry for help to those who are listening. She told her godmother that she was going to have to kill off Hannah … One can only hope that if Miley Cyrus discovers she has an addiction, that she will make it to rehab before it is too …
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