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Chronic Pain and Drug Addiction…please Help.?

Question by Scooter: Chronic pain and drug addiction…please help.?
I have a friend whose son takes medication for a legitimate chronic pain. He is also, unfortunately addicited to several illicit drugs, and was already a heavy drinker when he was injured. Does anyone know of a treatment facility geared to handle drug addicition and pain management. Everything here has failed. The family doctor is concerned for his life.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
The pain medication is prescribed by a doctor and is absolutely neccessary. He is under the care of competant pain management. The problem is most treatment facilities are only set up to get the drugs out of you. They aren’t set up to try and determine which ones need to really stay in you. we need advanced drug and alchohol treatment combined with pain management.

Willard and the Bird


Willard and the Bird – a mouse and a bird stop-motion style.


Calvert's 2013 Quotes of the Year: In their own words

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Calvert County Planning Commissioner Malcolm Funn commends staff on the St. Leonard Town Center Master Plan, which the commission then approved and sent to the county commissioners for final approval, after five years and numerous meetings debating the …
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Convicted burglar behind bars again

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Drug Treatment Centers in Trenton NJ | Call 800-303-2938 for HELP


Drug Treatment Centers in Trenton NJ | Call 800-839-1682 For HELP – Drug Treatment Centers in Trenton NJ – Call 800-839-1682 For HELP In helping the victims of drug addiction, a Drug Treatment Center must be a new haven for t…


Mission Teens; Pastor Hudak; Audrina; BEN Column, Jan. 11, update 2

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Paper towels, Pine Sol and 39-gallon trashbags are what Mission Teens needs the most in its free, local substance abuse treatment program. The address is: Mission Teens. 102 Eppinger & Gershel Avenue. Norman, NJ 08347. The phone number is …
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Alcohol and Drug Rehab Orlando, FL | Treatment Center


Alcohol and Drug Rehab Orlando, FL | Treatment Center – Addiction ruins health, damages relationships, and destroys lives. Get the help you or your loved ones deserves. Our alcohol and drug treatment center in Orl…


Face forward and a head up

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Four years ago at age 26, her estranged husband in Florida beat her up, doused her with gasoline and lit her on fire causing burns to 80 percent of her body. Following 18 months of traumatic … In addition, the Alessi's share a firm belief that …
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Can a Teacher Be Fired for Asking a Student Where or How to Purchase Cocaine?

Question by mean_ugly_chick: Can a teacher be fired for asking a student where or how to purchase cocaine?
A teacher I work with checked herself into a drug treatment center to get help for cocaine addiction. While she was out on a medical leave, a student stepped forward and admitted that the teacher came to her and asked if she knew where or how she could get her hands on some cocaine. Unfortunately, I know this to be true because the teacher herself told me about her cocaine problem and that she had solicited drugs from that student. From what I am told, it is illegal to fire a person for having a substance abuse problem if they seek help on their own. However, I would like to know if asking a student changes that. I like this co-worker and I am glad she is seeking help, but I am very upset with her for involving a student. Furthermore, I am upset that our school and the teachers’ union are protecting her. Can the union keep her from getting fired?

Drug Treatment Center Anaheim CA


Drug Treatment Center Anaheim CA – http://drugtreatmentanaheimca.com/ – Located in California, Anaheim is a busy little city located near the Pacific Coast.With a population of over 336000, A…


Phoenix Dream Center Opens Program for Foster Youth

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They battle unemployment and drug abuse and depend on public assistance to get by. While foster kids stay in the system until age 21, at 18 they no longer are eligible for state subsidies unless they are engaged in full-time work or are a full-time …
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