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What’s the Name of That Drug That the Brain Produces That Works Like a “reward” for Your Mind?

Question by Robin: What’s the name of that drug that the brain produces that works like a “reward” for your mind?
When you do something good, like eat your favourite food or masturbate, the brain releases some kind of drug that makes you feel good. I can’t remember the name of it. All responses appreciated, thank you.

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Answer by anniepop

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What Can I Do to Get a Job Starting in Drug Abuse Counseling Before I Get My Degree?

Question by ohiamlost2002: What can I do to get a job starting in drug abuse counseling before I get my degree?

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Answer by Aut-Echo
probably depends on the type of service,eg-is it drug addiction counciling on a helpline,or for a residential and day service that courts force people to go to as well as voluntary?
will get more of a chance with working for the helplines,but that will help towards going towards a bigger job in addiction.

Drug Addiction Help…?

Question by Brian: Drug Addiction Help…?
My girlfriend is on Meth. I am trying my hardest to understand and comply with it. When I try to intervene and confront her, it becomes nothing but violent and pointless it seems like. She has been on it for approx 3 years now, and I had met her about a year ago. This is someone i really do care about because if i know how she is when she is not on it. I have seen her not on it and that is the person i feel in love with. She is very paranoid, and very insecure. She likes to say her friends are hers and not for me to meet, and everything just seems to be going downhill. How do I confront her and talk to her, or better yet, help her. Anytime i try to talk to her, it seems like she doesnt listen or just walks out on me. I do i get her to actually sit down and listen? This is a very serious issue i am having to deal with in a loved one. Someone please help me with some advice.
Rehab unfortunately is not an option right at the moment. I cant afford it and no health insurance does not help.

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States take steps to curtail NSA surveillance

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Angry over revelations of National Security Agency surveillance and frustrated with what they consider outdated digital privacy laws, state lawmakers around the nation are proposing bills to curtail the powers of law enforcement to monitor and track …
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Arizona governor holding meetings over rights bill

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The governor faces a Saturday deadline to either sign Senate Bill 1062 or use her veto stamp. In a tweet from her official twitter account late … Attorneys for three gay and lesbian couples filed their opening brief late Tuesday with a federal …
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What Sign Is the Most Susceptible to Becoming a Drug addict/Alcoholic?

Question by Buffoon: What sign is the most susceptible to becoming a drug addict/Alcoholic?

…Or, if you have any friends who are either of these, what sign are they?

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Answer by Marko
First place pisces,second place cancers

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